Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Always Use Social Networks Properly

So you want to get free advertising, traffic and back links from the multitude of social networks out there but you don't know which to use and what to do. Hopefully today you'll learn a few useful tips to boost your profile and maximize the buzz of social networks.

Where To Start?

Digg is hard to use unless you've been around a while. It's top users really flex their collective muscle when it comes to dominating the front page. That doesn't mean you shouldn't add your articles - Not at all - Adding your articles to Digg, making tons off friends and testing the water is well worth it. Chances are you WON'T make the front page, but if you do......traffic jackpot.

Propeller is fast to use, which means you can get in and out with much fuss, so I highly recommend adding your link there.

Stumble Upon is nowhere near as good as it was and you have to stumble a ton of site to get and credibility. You should add your profile and your blog/site, but don't expect the promise you may hear.

Reddit is pretty good and low effort so definitely give it a try.

Delicious is a little bit of a pain - The tool bar you have to download is annoying and the whole submission process could be handled better, but if your site gets buzz from delicious then it will all be worth the fuss.

The key to the major sites is to make friends, comment on articles and be positive. You will get reciprocal votes, as long as you appear genuine and give someone a value of sorts.

Twitter - Here is a little trick for twitter to get an extra "dofollow" link. You get to add your website or blog, but if you stick your site url in your bio entry, you'll get an extra "dofollow" link. A nicve little bonus.

Using Myspace and Facebook - These two can be useful as you just upload your links on your profile and add friends galore. People who follow you on Social Networks have a greater trust for you and therefore your site or blog, making preselling easier. The slot machine chat room on Facebook is a great way to find new friends to add.

Qassia is relatively new, but a lot of smart people are using it to get backlinks (pr5) to there websites. With Qassia, you add articles and get rewarded with a "dofollow" backlink and Qassia "cash".

Qassia Cash can be used to advance you link positions and there is talk that it will be able to be used to purchase advertising. I find Qassia the easiest source of "dofollow" backlinks available.

You can join Qassia Here - It's worth joining believe me.

Pligg Sites

These mini "Digg" sites are worth a mention as they when used properly , help you build up some nice little traffic. Pligg sites are Digg clones and as such are easy to submit and vote on. They a much smaller so they won't get you anywhere near as much traffic, but because they are small they are easier to dominate and make the front page.

Just like the big social bookmarking networks, Pligg sites work by you submitting a link and then others vote on it. You can add friends and get more votes, which is always a good strategy.

The best Pligg based sites are Topstumbles, DropJack and StuffDaily.

Using these can help get you the extra traffic boost you want to take your "numbers" to the next level.

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